Northshore Gymnastics offers a variety of classes for students ranging in age from 0-15.

-Parent Tot   -Girls Gym   -Ninja/Gym/Tramp    -Tweens & Teens

-Preschool​   -Tramp/Tumbling  -Girls Gym/Trampoline    

NGC features the latest in gymnastics equipment and training devices including 2-40x40 spring floors, rod floor, 5 trampolines, vault tables, balance beam in graduated heights, practice bars, uneven parallel bars, and a wide arrange of small equipment to aid in the instruction of kids of all ages and skill abilities.

Gymnastics is a confidence building sport that improves strength, flexibility, agility and coordination.

We follow the USA Gymnastics progressions for ages and stages to ensure safety, growth & fun!


The Parent/Tot class is a fun introduction to locomotor skills (running, hoping, jumping, climbing, rolling, skipping, dancing and more) all while social distancing.

Our coaches will guide you and your little one through scaled down gymnastics equipment and obstacle course circuits.

Roughly half of the class is structured activities, the other half is supervised, independent play.

These classes are 45-min of fun.

Ages: 9 months - 3 years old

parent tot classes
preschool gymnastics


Preschool classes at Northshore are geared for different abilities, physical skills, listening and attention spans. In each 50-min class the youngsters use obstacle courses, trampolines, a variety of preschool equipment! We strive to keep the kids active and moving throughout the 50-min class while staying socially distant. 

Ages: 3 years old - 5 years old


Girls ages 6 and up will progress from basic skills to advanced gymnastics using balance beams, bars, tumbling surfaces and trampolines. All classes are full structured and designed for progressive learning in a safe and fun manner. Individual use of equipment is utilized when possible. 

Rec 1/2/3 classes are 50-min in length

Ages: 6-12


A perfect combination of ninja, tumbling and gymnastics (used for agility, balance, strength and flexibility training). This class uses obstacles and challenge courses to build strength and confidence while gaining agility and body awarenessEach participant work on skills that progress in intensity as their strength and skill level grows! Each class has three 15-20 min. rotations using courses, tumbling surfaces including trampolines, balancing manipulative, bars and upper body strength stations.
Each class is 50-min in length
Ages 3-5,  4-7, 6-11 
ninja warrior classes


This class is a coed class geared for participants who are interested in increasing their trampoline and tumbling skills. Classes use our trampolines, spring floor and tumbling training surfaces. Gymnastics apparatus is used to enhance the fun and learning experience but this class does not have specific gymnastics rotations (bars/beam/vault rotations).

Ages: 4-6   5-8   8-12


This class is geared for girls ages 4-6 year old. It is a step between preschool and Girls Rec 1. The class is a perfect combination of trampoline/tumbling and basic gymnastics using bars and beam. 

Ages: 4-6